Can I create new Fiverr account after disabled
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Can I create new Fiverr account after disabled

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Fiverr is one of the worse freelance sites online. They charge 10% commission from client and 20% from sellers. They have no respect towards sellers can easily ban you without giving a chance to explain. So your Fiverr account is banned!. Fear not. Here is complete solution for what you should do if your account get banned by Fiverr.

Fiverr Account in Restricted Mode

First send message to customer care asking whether whether you can order from the platform. They will send you template answers like the one below.

Q: My Fiverr account is in restricted mode so I am unable to order any gigs on Fiverr. How can I order then? Do I have to leave Fiverr for some other platform?

A: I understand the concern regarding your account, so let me check this for you and explain. 
It appears that you have received multiple warnings for violations of our guidelines and as a result, your account has been permanently disabled. Please refer to these links outlining our Terms of Service and Community Standards. 
If you have any funds available for withdrawal 90 days from the day your account was disabled, you will get an email with instructions explaining how to withdraw. 
This email will be sent automatically and there is no need to contact customer support. 

Fiverr Account Permanently Disabled

You might be trying to sign in to Fiverr account but getting this message “This account is no longer active. We sent you an email explaining what happened”. Then check if you have received the following message in your email, then send this email to them. You can check the answer they gave.

Q: My Fiverr account got banned yesterday.

My friend told me to add more gigs and asked me to check similar gigs in Fiverr that are getting so much money. I then searched and understood the allowed gigs in Fiverr and made similar ones in account. Immediately I got a strike. Then I deleted that gig and created a completely different gig. That also got disabled immediately. Then my account got disabled partially. Later got an email saying account is banned.

I did not tried to scam anyone or even used illegal gigs. I only tried to add gigs that were already published in Fiverr and sold by level 2 sellers. I would like to remove all such gigs and would like to stick with what I added earlier. I only added gigs that were already showing in Fiverr hence I thought they were allowed.

Currently my account is banned. Is there any way to reopen the account?
Can I open a new account on Fiverr?
Can my brother use his account on Fiverr from my computer?
Is there an appeal process in which I can prove that I didn’t use any bad tactics?

No one is ready to hear my side and banning account without hearing my side is not right.

A: I understand the concern regarding your account, so let me check this for you and explain. 

It appears that you have received multiple warnings for violations of our guidelines, such as Denied Gigs for inappropriate services, and Requesting Direct payment outside Fiverr. However, as much as I would love to assist you and revert your account back to being active, I have no such option to proceed with your request.

Since there were violations aside from denied Gigs that are of more a serious kind, the account has been reviewed by our relevant team and the final decision was to suspend the profile permanently. We understand that you’ve had this account for a very long time and that you’ve tried to abide by our guidelines, however, the warnings were justifiably issued and the account was accordingly disabled with the situation. As a result, your account has been permanently disabled. Please refer to these links outlining our Community Standards

If you have any funds in your account, they will be available for withdrawal 90 days from the day your account was disabled. An email will be sent automatically with instructions explaining how to withdraw.

Can I create new Fiverr account after disabled

In certain circumstances, it is acceptable to have more than one Fiverr account at the same location, for example, an account for each family member.

However, in that case, the following rules must apply:

1. The accounts cannot sell similar services.

2. The accounts cannot purchase from one another.

3. The accounts cannot share a withdrawal provider (Paypal/Payoneer).

If all this is honored, there shouldn’t be any issues.

However, since your account is permanently disabled, please do not attempt to create any new accounts as they will be disabled as well if noticed to have connections.

So you need to send an email to them to delete your data.

Send Email to Fiverr Customer Support to Delete Your Data

Fiverr has no authority to keep your private data including credit card information. Hence you can send an email to them to delete all your data.

Q: Thank you for your response. As you have mentioned there was only one serious issue with my account and that’s one strike. Rest of the strikes were all because of the gigs which i am ready to delete. However nothing i say or do matter because i have no authority over it. I was a fiverr vid as well and that also got banned. In this case i want to delete my fiverr account permanently. Is that possible?

A: We received your request and forwarded it to the relevant team. A support representative will follow up with you as soon as possible to assist.

You wait for the support team to send you a mail to delete the account.

Pending Refunds from Fiverr

Then you will get a message saying money has been refunded to your card or paypal address.

A. I noticed there were some funds left on the account so I refunded them to the original payment provider.
We’re processing your request to delete your account data from
Please note that this process is irreversible and may take up to 30 days to complete.
Please be advised that certain information may be kept for a limited period for the purpose of record-keeping, accounting, fraud prevention, security, complying with applicable laws, enforcing our terms, and taking other actions as permitted by law.

I do not understand why it takes 30 days to keep my data. The account was disabled immediately because someone in Fiverr thought I should not continue in the platform despite my apology. But Fiverr can keep my personal data for 30 days even after I request to delete my data. This is really one-sided I feel. That’s how Fiverr works.

Q: Kindly delete my account in Full.

A. The account can be deleted in full if you wish us to do so, but please bear in mind that this process is not reversible. Also, since your account is permanently disabled you are not allowed to create new accounts.

After this message I got really frustrated. So I sent a long mail.

Q. Thanks for the valuable information. Kindly delete my account in full including my bank details, credit card details, PayPal address, identity details etc.

I will tell you one thing is that I know many sellers in Fiverr in multiple accounts for more than 3 years. You are disabling accounts of people permanently, which they built over a period of time, whenever 3 strikes happen.

This is why people create multiple accounts cause they don’t trust Fiverr platform and fear it might get deleted anytime. It took me less than 6 months to reach level 1 seller and you guys ban me. Fiverr also has the most scammers in freelancing platform. I have reported more than 20 gigs that violated TOS and community standards of Fiverr but they are still there.

That’s because the system and the people who judge these gigs are partial and one sided. I assure you that the more you ban people, the more accounts they will make. This cycle will continue and such sellers will simply scam others to get more money cause they know they will get banned eventually. You see this clearly. This eventually leads to low quality gigs.

I guess Fiverr don’t care as far as I know. Fiverr charges 20% from sellers and 10% from clients. Hence they only care about money. They don’t care about sellers which is evident. Fiverr is a platform that mirrors the mentality of people who made it and that’s exactly why Fiverr is a scammed platform which sellers don’t take seriously. Enough with my rant. Please refund any money left and delete my account in full without any traces and let me know.

Create A New Fiverr Account

You need to wait for 30 days till your data in Fiverr is completely removed. Once 30 days are passed, now your old Fiverr account is deleted, you can easily create a new account.

  1. Get a New computer if you can. Its not necessary.
  2. Clear your browser caches. Very Important.
  3. Get a new email address. Important.
  4. Verify Fiverr account with different phone number.
  5. Get a new paypal address and new debit card. Do not use same credit card/debit card. They have that in record. You can create a new bank account for this. You can easily get zero balance accounts without paying any money.
  6. Do not link your Fiverr account to any of your social media accounts.
  7. Get a vpn access. Kindly do not use same IP address as Fiverr system track that as well. You can simply get a free vpn extension from Chrome or an anti virus with vpn access and connect to that to surf Fiverr.
  8. Add only 2 services first without copying from last account. Make completely new text.

Things you should check

  1. Mobile Number
  2. Email Address
  3. Name
  4. Username
  5. Debit / Credit Card used
  6. PayPal address
  7. Associated bank details
  8. Not the same gigs

Fiverr has data of all this, the account is connected with mobile number, email address, names, usernames, used credit card/debit card, paypal address and bank account added to paypal and the gigs that you posted previously.

Things You Should Avoid to Not Get Banned From Fiverr

  1. Do not create gigs that promote web traffic/social media followers, likes, comments.
  2. Asking for payment outside Fiver.
  3. Faking Reviews
  4. Copy gig information from other sellers
  5. Stealing gig images from other sellers
  6. Offering homework/assignments/dissertations


There is a high chance that you will anyways get banned if you scam anyone. However Fiverr is full of scammers. I have ordered many backlink services in which backlinks disappear in 1 month and even after reporting this scam, Fiverr still allows such sellers to continue in the platform.

Things you need to change

I reported more than 20 web traffic gigs and social media follower increase gigs by level 2 sellers (you heard that right!) that are against Fiverr TOS and Community standards but they are still allowed in the platform. How can you expect a platform like Fiverr to provide quality and fairness when the platform itself is made without any quality. Always use Fiverr as a part time gig to make money.

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